Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lots of potential

Lots of potential, originally uploaded by apkoski.

"But you sure have a lot of potential." Keep working hard.
That's what they say to people who just fall short on a job offer, team try-out, or a bad first attempt at a recipe. That's what I say about this apron. By the end of the ordeal, I was cringing a little, short of the ric-rac. By then I was wishing for a racy little number, maybe more lace or more leg. Maybe I'll like it better when I'm older...
But hey, I got to experiment with piecing and using my new cutting wheel/mat. Oh, glorious straight lines!

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ambika said...

Oh, but I think it's cute! The colors, the patchwork--it's definitely a lot more complicated than anything I've put together.

I just figure, all those first projects (or first experiments with new materials/supplies) are the things you can be unafraid to use & wear out--as well as fun to look at & laugh after you've vastly improved.