Sunday, March 18, 2007

Week in Review

Yesterday, due to car trouble, we escorted my Mom back to the airport via Trimet ("what an adventure," she said). We had a nice week! Mom & I spent a bunch of time outside moving dirt, digging the new bed, and shopping at the Nursery. The new compost/mulch is going to go far - like into our friends' and neighbors' yards after we've filled every nook & cranny of ours. That thar is a 'unit' of dirt, which appears to equivocate 2-4 cu. yd.
We've moved about half the pile so far. Just add vegetation...

Oh, and Paul has us beat on most dirt moved in 30 minutes - think he did 11 loads to my 4...

We planted lettuce, spinach, herbs, Stepables, day lilies, but still figuring out the best spots for the pussy willow, midnight blue rose, dahlia, gladiolas, and corokia cotoneaster (& pic).
Can't wait to host our first garden party (smashing good time, dahlings)!

Paul took Friday off, so that afternoon we all took the 19 downtown and walked around. We strolled to and through the riverfront park. Did the tourist thing, took pictures of stuff & each other.
We crossed the Steel Bridge.
Hiked up to Burgerville for a Chocolate Hazelnut Milkshake, a biennial treat. Then took the Max back downtown to Pioneer Square where enjoyed some some sun & watched people. Caught the 19 home and made our favorite pizza. Gluttonous.
Spent other parts of the week taking field trips to the RW&B Thrift (liked it -though no dressing rooms), JoAnn, and Freddies, sharing You Tube & Blog favorites, dining out on foods that are harder to find in IA, and sifting through the fabric & notions out of my grandma Pat's attic and my mom's suitcase (heavy!).
My Faves:

Good week. Now back to reality - I have a proposal meeting for my Thesis this week, and then comes Spring Break! I work too hard.

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LillieBug said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your mom! I am so jealous of all of the gardening that you accomplished (and I am reminded that I need to go partake of a Burgerville milkshake...)