Tuesday, August 22, 2006


This weekend Paul turned 31 (woooooh, or !%^#$@%!, take your pick babe)! Actually, he was wonderfully accepting of his new age (mid-thirties); and of course, accepting of all the great (ahem) gifts and checks that arrived in doggie theme cards.
On Sunday morning, Paul's mom and sister flew back to San Diego. To boot, Paul's aunt and uncle also stopped overnight on Friday from camper camping north of here. It's been nice being a little closer to the western faction of Paul's family.
Well, this summer may go down as the "Summer of Visitors." If I count Paul's Dad & G'ma at Spring Break, we've had 7 different pairs of out-of-town visitors!
It was fun to show everybody around last weekend, casually, to some good spots. Many of the outings and at-home activities involved food, and on multiple occasions we ended up stuffed enough to put on our PJ's (Cha-cha-cha, Burgerville, Kennedy School, homemade birthday cake & ice cream, rhubarb pie, and pizza). We ate good!
So now its back to 'normal' again. I've already cluttered up the guest bedroom again, and we're having a little side salad with/for some meals this week. Guess we'll have something more to talk about after our H2C weekend.


Friday, August 18, 2006

Blogger Beefs

In case you haven't noticed, I updated our Blog this week. This new Blog page, supported/organized by Blogger Beta is for once causing me to heed their usual "beta" tag. With promises of more features, new templates (which actually looked familiar), and better stuff, I dove in and updated my page Wednesday.
I should have known something was up when they posted bold notices that once I updated I couldn't go back to my old page. Still, I'm surprised that the Flickr link doesn't work and that I can't edit the HTML (in which I'm mostly improficient, so 'oh well'). On top of that, I haven't really explored the other new amazing features such as allowing other authors to post on my page or setting up a private friends/family Blog. Anyway, I'm not bitter - just impatient for the page to look right & my links to work. Here's the Blogger Beta
tour if you're curious.
I attached some pretty flowers -- Bee Balm -- in an attempt to make this post less boring.
- A

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ahhh, Progress!

Saturday we did the Home Depot dance: got our heinies there after lunchtime, wandered around looking baffled for a while, bought some string, and then left. We were looking for specific sizes of wood with which to build our magnificent pergola. Not defeated, we went home and looked up a local lumber yard, went there, and had a wonderful experience. We found everything we needed plus the guy helped us figure out how to build a more economical structure and agreed to do two separate deliveries on our schedule. I'm working on a sketch of the future appearance of that little corner of the yard -- maybe I'll post it later. Okay, onward! So Saturday night we went to The Bite of Oregon with a friend Karl. We all got BBQ meat from the 'Central Oregon' area, @ Jackie's Ribs. Who knew Central Oregon was known for their barbecue? After that, Alpenrose ice cream (little known fact: they have a velodrome on their farm!). Then we joined the crowed around the Iron Chef Oregon tent to watch the final Iron Chef contest. The theme ingredient was.... Lamb Chops! Paul said, "That's too easy!" The commentator reported that the semi-final secret food was rhubarb. Not so easy... The guys had to make just one entre and a side in a 1/2-hour. They were chefs from the local restaurants Oba! and Carslyle. After that ended, all of us felt pretty bagged. Paul & I had done three substantial runs over Friday and Saturday. Bedtime!

On Sunday we did more stuff - can you believe it?! I felt so useful & productive. After breakfast we went outside and started whacking our deck apart - half of it anyway. The neighbors gave us some history on it - told us that the former owners had contracted someone to build it, so that meant it was built in the last 8 years. Sorry guys. The neighbors also told us that there was a basement window covered up by the deck siding. A secret window. The deck builders did good - it was tough to get apart! I'm still sore. After about 4 hours we had removed all the screws, piled the planks and the framing behind the shed, leveled the dirt, and put a new border up around the new edge. It's ready for the next step: posts. We hope the old oil tank buried in that area doesn't interfere with that part. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Oh yeah, there was still time that evening for some stitching, sipping, and gaming, viewable on Flickr.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

50 Things

Thats the number of items on my to-do list for the 3-1/2 days Paul has be gone. Clean stuff, sew, dig a new bed, install the entertainment center shelf, unscrew the deck floorboards, sew... you get the idea.
Here's one that I actually might finish today before my 3 pm deadline! It's a 'recycle' project - can't toss my precious scraps. My goal is to finish it without buying any more fabric to help it along. I think I'll probably just frame it or hang it on a dowell. It's only about 12"x12".
Any thoughts on how to creatively stitch this baby?

More on Hubby Travel
Anyway, back when Paul used to take 2-month trips on Navy research vessels, I'd have plenty of time to get most of my items checked off the list (less the cleaning which I always saved for last). At that time, we were unwed and then newlyweds so his trips were pretty difficult. I had a really pathetic, self-mourning routine set up for his departure day. I will demonstrate. First, I'd take him to the airport - boo-hoo (1). Then I'd go home and spin my wheels trying to decide what to do first, messing up the whole apartment right off the bat with half-started
projects (2). Usually at some point I'd go to the grocery store and buy a bunch of stuff that either Paul doesn't like or we just never ate - like ice cream and zucchini (not in the same dish!) (3). After that I'd go find a really sappy chick flick (again, something we don't usually get), a bottle of wine, and a few sushi rolls from Sho Ya in Gulfport (the only place in town @ the time?) (4). That evening I'd indulge in my wine, sushi, & movie, usually ending the night with a nice sob-fest that put me right to sleep (5). That was my routine. Pathetic as it was, I looked forward to it, and I'd still do it now!