Friday, January 08, 2010

A Challenge Made for Mortals

Last week I started a 7-day challenge for myself: complete 100 repetitions per day of a single exercise (per day) between Jan. 1 and Jan 7. I invited others to participate, but am not sure if anyone did.

Now it's seven days later, and dang, that was not easy. In fact, I have to admit, I did some of the day's exercises the weenie way, and finished them a day late a few times. But I did all 700 reps! Which makes me a winner, and eligible for this honorable distinction:

And I feel great. So then I got to thinking; why can't my friends and family try it too? Why not plan a 7-day challenge that everyone can participate in, including anyone who doesn't do these exercises on a regular basis, or has never tried them?

So you're in?!

Oh, right, right, right. The exercises.

Ok, here we go:

Monday, Jan. 11: 25 Push-ups
Tuesday, Jan. 12: 25 Sit-Ups
Wednesday, Jan. 13: 25 Back lunges (per leg)
Thursday, Jan. 14: 25 Burpees
Friday, Jan. 15: 25 Dips
Saturday, Jan. 16: 25 Inchworms
Sunday, Jan. 17: 25 Superpersons

NOW you're wondering, "Well I can't do push-ups, so I'm off the hook." Wrong. I will be posting numerous modifications (i.e.: do your push-ups against the wall) for each exercise, as well as video instructions for each exercise. So EVERYBODY can do it!

What I need from you: tell me "I'm In!"

Write a comment (or email me [apkoski(at)gmail(dot)com] if you don't want to create a Google account required for leaving comments) containing those or similar words, do the exercises with me throughout the week, and at the end of the week I will present you with your very own Button/Certificate.



Julie and Vince said...

OK, Anne. Vince and I are in!

The Paskins Family said...

I'm in!

Mama said...

OK. I'm in. Do we get FB reminders if we're in the FB event?

Anne Koski said...

Great, you guys! Erin, yes, you'll can reply to my FB posts for the day's exercise (unless I figure out some other way to do it on FB).

Charmin said...

Im in!

JH said...

I'm starting late but I'll get in the push-ups and back lunges tomorrow. I'm in!