Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Up, Up, Up.....

pot kettle boil, originally uploaded by apkoski.

- as in Wake Up (echoing in sync with those terrible repetitious question-marked meows at my bedside at 4:30 am)! I know, you're saying, "6:45 really isn't that early." That's just when I start making coffee.
I guess I could plug practically any musically-inspired quote into this pic. It's a black square, nearly a blank slate. This is my kitchen early Monday morning before daylight. This coming weekend would be the one when the time normally changes, but dubya made it happen 2 weekends ago (in order to reduce our energy use - by .1% of 1%, or something like that) . I'm really enjoying the light evenings, but waking up is a bitch, especially to that alarm clock.

No matter, its Spring Break! Woooo!! Its unfortunate that I have to share it with those pesky primary/secondary school kids, but what'cha gonna do? I've been trying to treat the week like a break, doing some extra sewing, taking naps, watch the MTV Spring Break show (so it really feels like SB), and baking/cooking some fun stuff - like brownies & my newest recipe: mung bean salad. Paul & I are also entertaining the idea of taking a hike, either in the Gorge or St. Helens (??). Any recommendations?

I'm trying to be a good girl, too. My thesis data gathering is on hold until I get 'permission' (human subjects approval), so in the mean time I'm trying to get the Lit. Review done. I put myself on the "Paragraph-A-Day" plan: sit down and write one paragraph each day. Its nice, not overwhelming, but I need a sponsor. Yesterday I wrote 2 sentences.


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devinemom said...

can two sentences be a paragraph? it is worth a try. i do hope you enjoy the spring break. part of me wants to not go out this week knowing that places we frequent are packed with school-aged kids....