Sunday, March 04, 2007

On the Verge

Spring, Sprang..., originally uploaded by apkoski.

This winter has been nice and relatively routine: the weather, school, work, cleaning, meal plans, running, holidays. It was comfortable, though I felt like I was in limbo most of the time - between fall and spring.
But now everything around me seems like its at the precipice of a tipping point. Honestly, it must be! I've been in a holding pattern for quite some time, (all winter, in fact); waiting for my thesis research to get off the ground (and therefore waiting to graduate this spring), waiting to hear about another part-time (but big potential) job, waiting to hear updates of my Grandma's declining health, waiting to sew with that surge of original creativity, and waiting to get out and garden & teach outdoor BBC. A few things on that list are beginning to turn, and I just hope that they're a sign that things are moving again!

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