Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Aaaahhhnniversary

Halfway, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Well, we made it through #7! Saturday night we went out to Lauro Kitchen for dinner, and then picked up a yummy dessert from Pix. It was a romantic evening.
We exchanged cards on Sunday, and Paul added a stack of beautiful chocolates to mine. (We'd already agreed to go together to get a 'gift' for ourselves - no, not lame!)

Yesterday, on Paul's day off, we hiked in the Gorge on a new trail: the Horsetail Falls Trail. We passed 4 waterfalls, I think. Good hike. :)

In other life, we have almost settled on a new accent paint color for the doors. Actually, I should say that we're lobbying one another for a particular color. Agreement is coming soon... that's what 7 years of marriage has taught us, right?

I'm also hoping for my first real Personal Training Client. I've opened up the idea of virtual training, for those farther away who may be looking for a reliable, knowledgeable trainer. Paul has urged me to continue pushing the web page and helping web crawlers find it, so I'm putting the link on my blog. If you want, you could do the same!

I'm also working on a couple potential ideas for and Etsy store, including a name (AGAIN!). No picture-worthy ones yet. I know, exciting life.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Fall & All

Dining in the Season, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Three day weekend! Yahoo!!!!!
Oh. Wha? Ohhhhhhhhhh. YOU must not work for the Feds. Bummer for you ;)
Monday is Columbus Day, silly! It will be a relatively normal day for me, but Mr. P gets to wallow in his paid 8 hours in honor of the great Mr. C.
In addition, this weekend commemorates exactly 7 years of married bliss for the two of us. We got married on a Saturday, and stayed home on that Monday, unwrapping wedding gifts and eating leftovers.
This year, the Monday After will be spent taking a nice hike somewhere fairly nearby. We are looking forward to an excellent fall leaf display. We'll let you know how it all goes.

Oh - almost forgot! In my professional life, I launched my Personal Training web site called Fitness Fix. If you build it, right? I'm not 100% satisfied or done with it, but hopefully it provides useful information for potential clients. If you think you know of any in the Portland, OR area, please shove them my way!


Monday, October 01, 2007


That was the sound we heard after applying our accent color to the doors last week. Of course, the most annoying yet critical part of exterior painting has stalled us. Whatever.

Paul nailed it when made a circus or clown reference upon first sight. The crappy thing is that now we have a quart of that color. Yup, we got cocky. Back to the paint store for some sample quarts! Any color suggestions, or are you sick of this too?

Also, evident by an unattended AM boot camp class today, I will safely declare that fall has officially arrived here in the PNW. It cools off, the Gorge Winds come, it rains, gets light later - seemingly exponentially. So instead of leading a workout, I shuffled around under an Oak and picked up acorns. A quick stop at T. for a pretty bowl and some autumn mix candy corn, and Voila!

A whole bowl full, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Happy, happy, etc.

Also finished meager baby gifts from early summer arrivals. I'm hoping those bibs fit around 5-month old necks. This patchwork combo was really fun to make!