Monday, November 09, 2009

Simply Amazin

We survived. Fever number two of Miss Adelaide's little life. I'm bragging a bit, about only having a truly sick kid twice in 18 months (colds don't count).
So Hand Food and Mouth Disease... did Paul or I ever have it? Can't recall? That means we didn't.

Because if we did, you'd remember the 5 days of so much screaming that you dug out the ear plugs, and you'd remember sitting us down shirtless on the kitchen floor and feeding us a frozen candy bar in order to help 'bring down the fever' (and to have 5 scream-free minutes), and you'd -remember being awoken in the wee hours with shouts for "water-water-water-milk-water-milk-milk!"
And then, six days later, after it was almost all over, you would have rewarded yourself kindly with a bowl of something warm and healthy. Nothing beats a salad.

It's good to be back to normal around here.