Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Update

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Over the last 2 weeks, I've had an involuntary break from sewing, first to get my act together for my thesis, and then for my mom's visit. This and Wednesday morning, I did get some stitching done. This pic is of part of the kitchen project, which may be finally coming to a close. That's a good thing, as Martha would say. Other rooms need attention too.

Speaking of school, Spring Break is here! Tuesday I had my Proposal Meeting, and am approved to move forward. I'm planning to start collecting data as soon as my Human Subjects comes back next month, and then defend in late June/early July. I think it's weird that people plan whole studies and pretty much know what is going to happen. It's almost like cheating. I can't say with extreme confidence that I know what my results will say, which seems to freak my adviser out. Whatever. And before you start spelling out h-y-p-o-t-h-e-s-i-s in your comment, I know, I know It ain't true 'till we determine it's true, and even then it's still not truth ("even gravity is a theory," says Paul). Still, I think researchers try to "cheat" a bit in a preemptive, if I may, face-saving maneuver. Anyway...

Doesn't Mr. G. look pissed off? That's because I took him to the vet yesterday. He has a case of kitty acne, evident by the itchy flaky black bits falling off his chin. Kitty acne seems to be one of those medical mysteries, like ulcers in humans (until recently, I think - except for mine, another story). Possible causes/diagnoses of kitty acne: fungal, dirty pores/dirty food dishes, stress-induced, contracted from other kitties, or flea-related. Possible treatments: antibiotics, infection shampoo, flea drops, washing kitty dishes, or the contents of a teenager's medicine cabinet (Stridex & B. Peroxide). We're administering the former 2 twice daily.
I hate taking the poor dude to the vet. First, he always pukes either on the way there or on the way home (though this time was extra-special - puked to & foamed at the MOUTH from. That was freaky.) Anyway, he also wails like a baby, and enjoys being treated like a baby - likes to be held and offered a finger to suckle. He growls at the vet & assistant. It's just no fun. wAAAAA!

Oh, check out these napkins. A friend gave us a set of these beautiful things plus place mats back from Guatemala for helping out with her cats. After using them for the first time a couple weeks ago, I started rinsing a stain out of one (in cold water), and look what happened! The one on the left was rinsed, the right one was not. I'm about to try heat setting the color, but is there anything else I could try? I'd love to salvage the rest of the pile.

One more note - Paul & I will be DVR'ing this Discovery Channel show

- A

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Eren said...

My mother always suggests setting colors by soaking the fabric in vinegar first then washing in cold water.

Hope this helps.