Sunday, March 04, 2007

If you Build it

Ready to Go, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Today we had the first good sunny day (all day) since President's Day Saturday. It was wonderful! While it spurred our neighbors on to take a dying tree down to its little nub, it inspired Paul and I to build - with wood - and hammers, etc.!
I made a trellis with the goals of it fitting in the 70 x 112" opening that is our front porch, and using up as much of the wood leftover from our Arbergola build last summer. Check, and check.
I just finished it a couple hours ago, and its such a monster that I'm a little afraid to hang it just yet. That's right, hang it. It'll be a seasonal trellis; up during climbing vine season, and down during the rest. Any suggestions on what to grow up it? (an annual, receiving full sun from noon to 5 pm-ish, can get sufficient water - if I water it).
Paul put together 2 wonderful Adirondack Chairs in half the time it took me to do the trellis, not counting the hardware run. They were a Christmas gift from my Mom & John - I know you were hoping we'd put them together over the holiday break, but we didn't want them to turn moldy green before we ever got to use them. The chairs are a clean palate, or ready to go minus a cup holder, depending on who you ask.

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