Tuesday, March 06, 2007


New Generation, originally uploaded by apkoski.

I just finished patchworking over the stripe in the kitchen towels on the right. I did the same with the ones on the left back in ought 5, though the towel came from the Depot.
Comparing the two got me wondering... can things evolve in reverse? I mean, can it get worse as time goes by? Not that I think that my towels are an example of such a phenomenon. They are organization is so... intelligent (I am pleased). Wait, I'm sorry. What about Charles Darwin? Regarding his theory, we are assuming that there is no possible way that the construction of latter kitchen towels have regressed in comparison with the former kitchen towels. I'd like to agree, but I don't know if an idea or a vision can be held to the same standard as a cellular being. Oh well. I like 'em.

Another thing I've been working with: invisible thread. It's like fishing line, and it sure beats searching for the spool cap every 5th minute! I see it used a lot when I'm out trolling for inspiration in the Home section of Anthropologie. Their aprons are very inspirational, by the way. On top of that, I stumbled upon more apron inspiration yesterday. Ready to tackle the next one. :)

- A


cristina said...

ooh these are super cute!! i'm interested in seeing how they look after a few washes - i have a habit of shrinking my dish towels too much and i wonder how the towel will shrink in comparison to the patchwork.

nice choice of colors.

101 S. Marion Avenue said...

I like the one with the top stitching best - in dark blues, please.