Monday, March 12, 2007

Pear Patch

Pear patch, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Technically speaking, I guess a pear patch would probably have to be constituted of 11 or more pears (2 is a pair, 3 is a cluster, 4 is a group, and you know the rest, right?).

My mom is visiting us from Iowa this week. Among other things, we may find ourselves gardening, shopping, sewing, and/or antiquing. We can pretty much do what we want, since the weather is really shaping up. Last time she visited it was almost 100 degrees outside!

This weekend and today, I'm attempting to tidy up the guest room, which also happens to be where I do my crafting. I framed a brown burlap quadrilateral and propped it up on the shelf in the guest/craft room sometime last year, thinking that working at near-eye level to a 'blank canvas' would eventually motivate me to stitch something to it. I pushed it off, convincing myself that there was artistry in undisturbed, framed burlap. Well, there's nothing like a house guest deadline to motivate inspiration! Atop the fabric shelf are also 3 wool felt plush pears in peach, orange, and red. I figured a green pear might be a nice addition. (Unfortunately the light has been poor lately, so the photographed greens aren't quite right - maybe I can re-photo it sometime this week).

Back in the frame it goes, and I'm one step closer to preparing for my mom's arrival!


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