Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us

It slipped by, the demarcation of the move that gave way to starting this Blog, narrowly missing Katrina, finding our first home, and assimilating ourselves into a different way of life, community, and friendships. Two years, one month, and a day ago, we completed our 6-day trek from here to here. It was a long, interesting, uncomfortable trip. All 2,600 miles of it. Visible in the pictures above (which are not in chronological order), we traveled through LA, TX, OK, KS, CO, WY, UT, & OR, a-la Google Maps guidelines.

For the first 2 months in town, we stayed in an apartment in inner NE Portland, supplemented by the Gov't (so you, lucky readers). I was never so bored - going from working 40 hrs./week to no work at all. To boot, all our belongings less clothes & toiletries were locked up in a warehouse in WA.
Luckily, we were 2 blocks from Trimet Fareless Square, so W. downtown was free and easy to get to. We didn't know how good we had it! I did some exploring, but mostly got lost downtown (half the maps are rotated 90 degrees, so N/S was actually E/W). I remember taking a jog around the waterfront (on one of those rare, non-hailing days) on one of those early days, and seeing a city work truck on which the "r" had been scratched off to read, "Potland, a city that works." Fun times.
We're happy to be settled now. If its anything like my last 3 moves, in two more years this should feel like home (yes, I assimilate s-l-o-w)!

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