Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wednesday Challenge: Back Lunges

First off, WOW, everybody! It pleases me to see all 60 of you plugging away at this fun challenge.

And oh boy, this is the day you've been waiting for: Lunge day.

Just a few notes about lunges today:
  • You're doing 25 (Mortals) or 100 (Immortals) per leg. Remember, they don't have to be done all in one set.
  • This exercise is a great one for your booty (gluteals), as well as hamstrings, and quads, calves... pretty much your whole leg. But your booty is what'll get sore. Everybody loves that.
A rear lunge or reverse lunge is simple. You start out standing tall. Step one foot waaaaaaay back until you think you're about to fall over (one leg's length away). Reach your back knee toward the floor. Here's more info and a video from ExRx.

  • If your front knee glides forward until it's hanging out in front (and above) your toes, then you haven't stepped back far enough. Keep that front knee over your foot!
  • If you feel like you're going to tip over onto your sofa or toddler every time you lunge, try stepping back wide, like you're lunging on railroad tracks (that are a little wider than hip width apart).

If doing this exercise properly still hurts your knees, hips or ankles a lot, try stepping back but not lowering your back knee toward the floor.

All right, lemme know when you're done with your lunges!

- Immortal A


Wendy Burrow said...

Hey! It's Anne! I signed up for the Mortal Challenge on FB and didn't realize it was you...this is Wendy Burrow--I used to be one of your BB Boot Campers! Loved it. Now I have a 3 month old and this is a great jump start. Thanks for posting the challenge!
Best to you--Wendy

Anne Koski said...

Hey Wendy! I thought that was you. Congrats on your 3 month old. Good luck with the the challenge!

Wendy B said...

Hi again, Anne! It's Wendy Burrow. I finished the challenge, BUT...to my dismay on Tuesday, my baby-havin' spaghetti abs would not let me do a single sit-up. It's like someone cut the strings & I could NOT get off the ground--couldn't believe it! Will try again in say, 2 months?

Wendy B said...

But I did do all the other challenge exercises!