Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday Challenge: Triceps Dips

Like trans fats, the industrial revolutions, and golf, triceps dips are one of humankind's self-created evils. The more you weigh, the harder the exercise, and the stronger you get! So don't worry if you're doing your dips next to some skinny-butt who is flying through their reps; they might not be as strong as you...

Your challenge this Friday: 25 consecutive (yes mere mortals, special for today!) dips
or 100 Dips (Immortals)

Breaking down the Triceps Dip:
Choose your starting position; legs extended or feet under your knees for less intensity.

With fingertips facing forward, put your hands on the edge of the table/chair/coffee table/changing table, and hold your hiney within a couple inches of the edge. Then, as my friend Megan would say, "Kiss your shoulder blades together," opening up your chest, and take a deep breath. You're ready to dip.

With your shoulder blades still kissing, slowly lower your body straight down, gently squeezing your elbows in toward each other (but you shouldn't be able to touch them together. If you can... well, you're either unique or your Doc needs to make a house call). Keep lowering your hips straight down toward the floor until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Then press back up. That's one!

See, It's so easy! Unless...

(See, cats do show love. Thank you very much.)

Hang in there. Only two more days to go!


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Marci said...

Oh, those pictures of Gatsby and you are priceless! So sweet - although I can imagine how the added weight of the kitty would make dips even more challenging. :o)