Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunday Challenge: Superwomans (and Supermans)

Finally, day seven is here! No running for the door now. Time to finish what you started.

We are up to Superwomans... Supermans. Let's just say Superpersons.

Your Challenge this Sunday: 25 Superpersons (mortals) or 100 Superpersons (Immortals)

Click this resource from ACE Fitness, how-to images included.

What happens on Monday? Well, for one thing, you get a day off! And your just rewards, a email signature button or blog button that states your own successful completion of this historic event. Just make sure you come back and visit to pick up your goodies. If you forget to visit again, then I'll thank you now for participating in my made-up funness. The event ended up with 62 Facebook guests, plus several guilty spouses, and about six others for an approximate grand total of at least 70 participants. Yahoo!

Thanks for playing. Let's do this again sometime.

Truly yours,

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