Sunday, January 17, 2010

100 Challenge for Mortals. Check!

Woo-hoo, everybody! So happy to have you participating in my first group challenge, the 100 Challenge for Mortals. We did it!

Now lets wrap this figurative baby up. First, your fancy schmancy reward is at the bottom. Pick your favorite weblog button/email signature (right click, save image as, etc.). Please let me know if you see no suitable buttons for yourself.

Second, let's do this again! Seriously, this was great fun. Please, ideas or feedback is wonderful. I can't decide whether next week would be good. You endured so many naggy posts over the last seven days. I don't want to leave anyone "jaded and depressed."

Third, let's get the records straight. You Facebook folks will have your 700 reps forever engraved in the internet database. The rest of you have been doing a pretty good job of keeping me updated on your progress.

Which leads me to this: if you haven't updated your participation in a few days, please just drop me an email or comment here or on FB that you've completed the challenge (or I will assume otherwise). You worked hard for this recognition and bragging rights!


Here's the list so far.

The 700 (or 175) Club
Tyleen S
Theresa S
Sheri L
Shaunna L
Paul K
Morgen B
Mary P
Linda H
Julie F
Jenny S
Jessica B
Erica T
Erin R
Erin S
Elise M
Don S
Ashley R

Participants who completed between 1 and 6 events:
Alicia F
Christina B
Christine W
Dominic A
Heidi H
Jackie A
Jodi N
Katie M
Kari K
Mari B
Marisa D
Melanie C
Mia E
Mimi T
Noelle J
Olivia O
Rumi B
Sara J

Your buttons...


Marci said...

Oooohh - I love the buttons! I will definitely have to do the challenge next time...I'm probably still a mortal though. Anything inbetween? What would you call someone who did, say, the 50 challenge? :o)

Anne Koski said...

Hmm, I don't know what you'd call that. Semi-immortal? Paul & I were thinking of making the next challenge evolutionary, to be balanced. You know, start out as a single-celled organism, and work up to a chimp, then a man and then a woman!