Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thursday: Burpees!

Ok peeps. I am tired. I say again, tired. A little bird woke me up an hour early, took a 45 minute nap, and um, "peeped" a lot today. Needless to say, she made doing 100 lunges that much more interesting.
But now it's 8:58 pm and I am relaxing while watching my mate finish up his 100. All is right with the world... except that I have to remind you all that tomorrow is burpee day.

The burpee. (AKA Squat Thrust)

Characteristics and origin: see Wikipedia.

How to do one:

Too Easy? Increase the Intensity: Add a push-up while you're on the floor, and jump up each time you get back to the start..

Feel like puking? How to Reduce the Intensity: If the floor is too far away, you can put your hands on the sofa, the changing table edge, or the bottom step at your house.

Precautions: This exercise can be very strenuous. If you feel lightheaded or 'funny,' please take a break or completely discontinue doing the exercise.
If you have low back pain or a history of back problems please practice the beginner method, stepping out and back rather than jumping.

Mortals: do 25 reps
Immortals: 100!

Thank you very much for all your feedback and questions.
We are almost halfway done. Keep it up!

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