Sunday, January 10, 2010

Challenge Prep & Day 1:

If you've received my Facebook invitation, then you are aware that there are now two challenge categories from which to choose. You, my friends and fam., get to pick which one you want to participate in. Here are your choices:

The 25 Challenge for Mortals: Do 25 repetitions of each day's exercise for the week. (recommended for beginners and infrequent exercisers)

The 100 Challenge for Immortals: Do 100 (!) repetitions of each day's exercise.
(recommended for.... you know who you are. Don't make me get pushy)

Instructions for Both Challenges:
After you complete each days' repetitions, post it in the comments section below, or check in by responding to my Facebook posts. If you don't have time to log, that's cool. I'll live, I guess. OR you could just post your entire week's log at the end of the challenge.... but doing it every day will keep you more honest. I'm just saying....


And so without further delay,

Kicking off this ridiculous challenge are Push-Ups! What are push-ups good for? They give you a strong chest and arms, essential for kid or grandkid acrobatics!

If the modified push-up strains your neck or back, try doing the exercise with your hands on the arm of a sofa or chair back (that has been pushed against the wall).

Remember, you don't have to do all 25 or 100 at once! Often I'll sew a row, do x push-ups, sew a row, do x push-ups etc. (I like mixing medias.), or do a set in the morning, a set during nap time, and the other 3 sets before I climb into bed (not recommended).

Please send me any questions throughout. I want you to do this with success, people!


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