Sunday, December 07, 2008

Recipe Swap

My holiday baking season started this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! We're already done with pumpkin and on to chocolate. White chocolate, to be more specific. I've decided that white chocolate is much more elegant and seasonally appropriate than its deliciously evil siblings, milk and dark chocolate. It's pure, the good guy, the virgin chocolate, yet still an oxymoron: "white" chocolate? Lemme just go feed my white chocolate Labrador while I sip on some white chocolate cocoa. Oh, I guess that stuff does exist.
I digress. Anyway, in the coming weeks I will be using white chocolate to make pistachio-cranberry bark, and cranberry bliss bars. Aside from Ghiradelli peppermint bark, cranberry bliss bars are my favorite treat right now. They were recently made popular by Starbucks, who now sells a cranberry bliss bar "value pack" for $13.95 at the register (rather than getting one for $2.35). Whatever. Just know that they are To. Die. For. Here is the unofficial recipe, and pictures will follow, if I remember before they're all gone.
I would love to know what you're baking for the harlidays! Please leave your list in the comments, and recipe links if you got 'em.



Teacher/Researcher said...

Grandpa's fudge, 7-layer bars, Martha Stewart's peppermint bark (finally, something SIMPLE from Martha!), chocolate spoons, Rocky Roads, white chocolate raspberry truffles, dark chocolate truffles, Chex mix.

mmm...Chex mix...

Martha Stewart's Peppermint Bark:
Melt: 1 lb white chocolate and 1 tsp peppermint extract using a double boiler.
Pour: melted pepperminty chocolate onto a parchment-ed baking sheet.
Lick: the spoon
Chuck: a bunch of starlight mints into a ziplock baggie.
Pound: with a mallet
Sprinkle: the crushed minty bits onto the melty minty chocolate
Show off: Martha's peppermint bark at a holiday party.
Feel: smug.

Anonymous said...

skunk eyeballs, lasagna, lemon bars, pumpkin bread, red pepper jelly on cream cheese on sesame crackers (no baking, but we're having it)