Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Verdict

bang-bang, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Thank you for your feedback on baking and topping peppermint bark! I'll save those naked pictures for another day...

Tonight is peppermint bark-making night. Yesterday at the grocery store I got confused on the peppermint bark topper, starlight mints. I was looking for the wrong stuff - Brachs (mint) stars, which I'm pretty sure don't exist anyway. I think I'm going to start with a layer of semisweet chocolate (melted Nestle chips), and then add the white chocolate layer ('melted Callebaut), and then the mints, pressed into the chocolate. Candy canes will be used for bits. I know, exciting.


-- And by the way, I only mentioned the naked pictures because it seemed like Paul was the only one reading this self- & offspring-gratuitous site. And I knew he'd appreciate them! ;)


Anonymous said...

Someone said, "Don't frighten the horses." and it's still good advice today.

Anne & Paul said...

And you are... the horse?