Sunday, December 14, 2008

Done and DONE

Wrap & package presents. DONE
Make Peppermint Bark. DONE

Today is a snow day. Yahoo! We can no longer see the grass, several accidents are reported, the Western Cullinary Institute Food Safety class is canceled, chains are required on all highways...! Of course, we need to get to the store for more children's Tylenol (baby has one tooth and another is about to break through!). Whiskey instead?

Peppermint bark was a partial success. After experimenting with various ways to make candy cane bits, Paul suggested grinding them in the nut grinder. Hand cranked nut grinders make a 'perfect' size peppermint piece, unlike the coffee grinder, mortar & pestle, and mallet & ziplock techniques. Unfortuately the tines are no match for a Splenda Candy Cane; three broke off into the pile of bits.
Also, if you look over the left shoulder of the candy cane bits you'll see that the dark chocolate (semi-sweet morsels) did not melt. Instead they turned into a big pile of poo, as Paul put it. Anyone know why?

Alas, below lies the finished product: beautiful yummy white chocolate peppermint bark, noteably not stuck to the wax paper lining. Thanks for the recipe Mimi!
Ok, on to Candied Citrus Peels.



Anonymous said...

artificial chocolate with enough fillers and wax, etc. does not melt. Buy name brand.

Whiskey? only a brief rub and then off to bed.

gina lee said...

The only 'cookie'ing I've been able to drum up this year is gingerbread cookies - from the package from Trader Joes. Love that store, and I can walk there now. Very dangerous. But the cookies were good, addison enjoyed helping make & eat them. Very gingery. My fav holiday snack to make is Russian tea cakes (also known as Mexican tea cakes). I thought I had a fmaily recipe, but turns out the powdered sugar boxes have almost the same one. Bummer.

LillieBug said...

Well, because I am a nerd, I checked my website for cooking nerds: America's Test Kitchen says that "Chocolate chips contain less cocoa butter than bar chocolate. The lower fat content means that chips don’t melt as readily, which is a good thing—they hold their shape better." So, the morsels are designed for use in chocolate chip cookies, while a nice bar of chocolate should better suit your purposes for this recipe next time.

Geez, I need a life....

Anne & Paul said...

Very funny you guys. I guess now that we have the internet, no question should go unanswered!

mattnashley said...

I can't believe that the neighbor liked that truck enough to buy 2 of them. Maybe there was a buy one get one free deal at the dealership that day.