Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Birth Day

7/12ths, originally uploaded by apkoski.

6:33 am Wake up to cooing baby. Ache all over. Trouble breathing. Birthday cold.

7:30 Take a nap while baby naps.

8:00 Read final pages of book club book + tea & oatmeal.

8:45 Opened birthday presents. Thank you!

9:00 Have Coconut Dream Bar.

9:05 Have Coconut Dream Bar.

9:15 Take Shower.

12:00 Change from brown lounge pants into blue lounge pants.

12:15 Have grilled ham & cheese on Baby Pumpernickel + Orange.

12:20 Watch Paul Shovel walk.

12:30 Exhaust list of baby activities. Decide to talk like pirates. Look up pirate names and talk like pirates. My name is something-crotch; Adelaide's pirate name is flowy & pretty.

12:45 Discover leftover window markers from H2C and draw pictures on oven. Consider writing "Help!" on kitchen window but reconsider after cleaning duties are weighed.

1:10 Feed baby and let her fall asleep on me for the first time in many many months.

1:12 Take half dose of Dayquil & Coconut Dream Bar

1:30 Much better.

2:10 Nap.

3:10 Shovel out driveway gate. Consider shoveling alley but change my mind and go inside for a hot chocolate.

3:40 Can only find Mocha hot coco mix but try to gag down anyway, unsuccessfully. Have Coconut dream bar instead.

6:30 Bath time + bed time for baby. Happy 7/12ths, Love!

7:00 Kick back hard cider & birthday dinner.

7:30 Kick back Tylenol Sinus half dose + Tylenol.

8:30 Enjoy Chocolate Mud Pudding with whipped topping.

9:00 Pump + dump

9:30 Made it to 33. Bedtime.

~ Inspired by Lola & Marci

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Marci said...

Wow - that was a long shower! But you deserve it - happy birthday! :o)