Friday, December 12, 2008

Learning Independent Play.... sort of

Check out Adelaide's new exersaucer! We almost bought one new and then found the exact one we wanted on Craigslist. Score!!

Anyway, we've needed to work on independent play for a little while now but couldn't because we had nowhere suitable to put her without a crash/tipping over incident. We're at the "I'm just around the corner" stage now. Yay. Anyway, here's day 1 of the experience. Notice she's not really playing but watching me.

Now, one real important question: What type of peppermint should I use to embellish my Martha Stewart Peppermint Bark (because a sprinkling of pounded up starlight mints just isn't enough)? Candy Canes, Brachs discs, other? And isn't anyone else out there baking for Christmas?? Comment, People, or I'm gonna start posting naked pictures!! (that's a threat)

- A


Anonymous said...

Naked pictures? or pictures of naked people? and have you discussed this with anyone? and is he willing to pose??

Anonymous said...

We've crushed candy canes before when needing a peppermint 'powder' in holiday baking. Works pretty well and retains the flavor.