Sunday, December 21, 2008

Are We There Yet?

Window, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Today is Day 8 of the 08 Snow Event, or Arctic Blast, or whatever phrase your local news station has dubbed. Without watching more "continuous special coverage," I'd say that yesterday we got about 8 inches of blowing snow, with a bit of freezing rain on top (enough so that you can almost walk on it if you are a kid). I suppose some reflecting is warranted, given the magnitude of the event, and since it'll be over in a couple days...
Or not. What did I want to write about? My head is fuzzy with congestion and ache. This cold.
One thing I keep reading on Blogs is about how much they got done over the past few days. First I get all jealous and snotty because 'I never get anything done anymore!'. But then upon reflecting (damn, I am), I realized that we've accomplished quite a bit. We made 4 holiday confections (candied citrus peel, cranberry bliss bars, peppermint bark, and coconut dream bars), processed & sent off Christmas cards (for a couple of you, remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery), vacuumed, finished Christmas shopping, mailed packages, and finished making some tiny pants and a tiny hat, to be modeled soon.

Miss Adelaide is holding up just barely. We saw tooth number 2 poking up this morning accompanied by a tirade of screams. We are doing our best to keep her entertained without opening the presents early!

Is one more snow day enough for me to read the last 200 pages of my book club book?



gina lee said...

You forgot that you managed to get the first picture of your baby in the snow - that, my dear, is an accomplishment (bundling then, wait, what's that smell?, then rebundling, outside long enough for baby not to catch anything nasty and in again, unbundling...)

Anonymous said...

Open 'em early!! Who's gonna know, hmm?