Friday, May 25, 2007

Ubiquitous Pictorous

They're funny, they're everywhere! They remind me of those 'captured: unintentional phallic photos' page in the Maxims Paul used to bring home from his surveys (hey, if you hang out with a bunch of sailors, that's what you get!).

This one is a "what's wrong with this picture?" picture - taken from a fitness professional clothing catalog I receive.

So, what's wrong with it? (Think along these exercise-related lines).

And this one... well this one is just funny (nothing 'wrong' with it).
It would be even funnier if there was alcohol offered. Now THAT would be one happy hour.
Oh, props to Portland Picks.

- A

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Anonymous said...

I think that large companies like this one, who play a role in motivating/shaping/providing clothing for people to be active have a responsibility. They should take the time to ensure that they are providing accurately-portrayed information, including images used in e-mails, web pages, and catalogs. I'll keep these little gems comin' as long as I keep seeing these examples