Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Get a Grip

Double & Capital WOooo-Hooooo! No wait, Yeeeeeeee-Hawwwwww!
I just signed up my 25th subject!

Now a moral dilemma - only about 20 have actually shown up to their appointments. Do I solicit for more people? Again? I've probably responded to close to 100 people. Ugh! Sigh. All I have to do next is write it up. Jeez.
There's a stack of data, a binder of 'literature,' and a pile of spit-infused towels to wash. Gross (those are clean).

In other news, Paul & I got out a little this weekend to help stimulate the economy (not that we're Bushies or anything). We visited the lovely Farmer's Market at PSU, checked in at REI (a week late - Anniversary Sale is o.v.e.r.) and the Pioneer Place Mall. Then went home and made Spring Rolls with a couple nearby friends. Then we ate 'em -- all but 2. Paul also racked his beer (a dry-hopped something-or-rather). We're gonna bottle that batch & take it to Paul's family reunion in Tahoe. Apparently they're a bunch of lushes (just kidding guys).

I still have not stitched an inch in 2 weeks, but have been motivated to cut out parts for a doll quilt, with a pattern slightly more intricate than 3x3 squares, inspired by this.

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