Sunday, May 27, 2007

Make Me a Mix Tape

Non-runners, take solace. Paul & I are doing your share right now, prepping for a half-marathon in 2 weeks, and then the Hood To Coast Relay in August. I think Paul said we've been getting in 30 miles a week, but I've tried not to think about it.

So with that unfair share of running comes a fair dose of PLD music - on solo runs, anyway. As unprofessional and dangerous as it is, my 512 MB Mp3 player is sometimes the only thing that gets me through those 8+ milers. I guess that's why I've been thinking so much about playlists. I started running after I graduated from high school, during the summer I spent in Spain. I usually brought music along, beginning with my walkmans, then a now-obsolete MD player, and now my Mp3 player (love - love it, b/c my left arm is no longer that much stronger than my right - only weighs a few oz.).

My current playlist has been shuffled & tidied, eliminating some 'auditions,' and missing some over-played classics. I've also somewhat successfully tried to manipulate some songs using Audacity to match my running tempo, 90/180 beats per minute. Some only need a little tweak:
'Scent of a Mule,' Phish
'In 3's,' Beastie Boys
'Coming Back to Life,' Pink Floyd
'Classic Girl,' Jane's Addiction

Others are out of the question b/c - where's the beat? (Case in point, most of Bela Fleck.)
Then there are the tracks that just make me feel like running. They're rambling songs that sound like a train chugging down the tracks, or feet pounding the cinder... at cruising speed.
'Airline to Heaven,' Wilco
'Jesusland,' Ben Folds
'God's Country,' Ani DiFranco
'The Light, II,' Mason Jennings
'Cornflake Girl,' Tori Amos
'Did you ever look so nice,' T/Samples
(notice the odd spiritual theme? Maybe thats b/c sometimes running makes me feel like I'm about to die!)

Now I'm actually in the basement looking through the cardboard box labeled "Anne's Tapes." I found the one titled, "Best Run Tape Ever." I need a tape player.
I need a tape player! I realize we just threw out the last in a spring cleaning effort 2 weeks ago - Paul's Boom Box from the '80s (one of the cats knocked all 20 pounds of it on the ground & broke it). I can't remember exactly what's on that tape, but I remember playing it a LOT in college - running through the streets of Kirksville on a Sunday night study break, oblivious to the 'Jethros,' 'Blakes,' and 'Britneys' (and serial rapists, etc. - sorry Ma).

The Tape Box is actually like a photo album for me, & includes:
...the one I bought in Spain, by/called(?) "No Me Pises Que Llevo Chanclas,"
...the one I dubbed from Mimi when she was in high school (so it has the Grateful Dead, Sting, REM, B-52's, & Poi Dog Pondering.
...the one called A/M Mix, from Matt's collection, with Live, Dave Matthews, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Soul Coughing, & Bela Fleck. "Hangin' Tough" tape (NKOTB).
...OTBT recordings (a late night radio show, 'Off the Beaten Track,' with Mary in the Heartland, that ended up being my introduction to Grunge & Nirvana)... dubbed over Crash Test Dummies.
... New Mexico, a mix I made for the family car ride during our summer vacation to NM. - Was doing okay until Green Day sang the f-word.
... Mom's Records, dubbed from her collection of Dylan, Joplin, Guthrie, Baez, NRPS, CCR, Hooray for Captain Jane stories, etc.
Enough reminiscing! I think it's almost time to go run.

Oh, if you're missing the whole Mix Tape thing too, check out Tiny Mix Tapes.



spongeymonkey said...

You could try some Kraftwerk. They usually have a good tempo that works well with biking, so it might do well for running. There's also LCD Soundsystem who have a good bpm tempo. We could give you plenty of suggestions, although most you might not be too keen on. New Kids on The Block?! Ha, ha.

LillieBug said...

You spent a summer in Spain? Did I know this? Is this baby stealing my brain cells again? How come we never get to hear a Castilian lisp out of you? Can I ask any more questions?