Thursday, October 12, 2006

What's wrong with this picture?

It's too funny -- or is it annoying, I don't know! Now I'm no fitness Nazi girl or anything, but I can't let this go unnoticed, plus it would sure be fun to start a portfolio!
The portrait you see could be the first piece in my collection, which was provided by a company (who shall remain nameless) that specializes in selling exercise and "fitness" clothing.

I'll get right to it. That is like, one of the totally worst cobras I've ever seen (and I used to teach yoga!). I won't start listing...
We all get the poses a little wrong the first few times, but that's when instructors and a little practice comes in handy, right?
Unfortunately, this girl was no yogini, and the camera folks weren't either!
I think that large companies like this one, who play a role in motivating/shaping/providing clothing for people to be active have a responsibility. They should take the time to ensure that they are providing accurately-portrayed information, including images used in e-mails, web pages, and catalogs. I'll keep these little gems comin' as long as I keep seeing these examples.

Ahhhh, better now.

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