Saturday, May 12, 2007

Not Nothing

Shirt, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Well, I haven't been up to much except fielding interest from research subjects, testing subjects, teaching BBC, and transporting myself to and from home-school-parks, etc.. I've amassed over $10 in parking downtown this week alone, which is huge for us - we are Public Transport. believers. I need a break from this stuff. I will say that I'm getting research subjects, though slowly.
That is not to say that I've ONLY been doing those three things over the past 2 weeks. No, I'm also taking my last grad. course; I helped teach a super-fun Mother's Day BBC class, attended by 60 moms; Paul and I test-made another 1/2-bake and freeze meal (coming later); and I made myself the shirt pictured. I forget I'm a size smaller on top (or a size bigger on bottom - which sounds better?), so yay me, I get to try again in a sz. 10. Oh, and we also fixed a special popcorn and ice cream dinner Thursday night. Sound familiar to someone?
And if you're wondering, yes, this is the famous Simplicity 3887 pattern that everybody in Blog-land is making. [Hey, let's all start Simplicity 3887 Flickr Group!, maybe.] Anyway, I personalized it a bit - quilted the collar and added contrast lining - for my eyes only, I've realized.

Also, you girls who have been asking, I found that page where I learned how to make my own banner/header on Blogger. It's so easy (once you find the 'false')!

Ok, back to not work!


A&P said...

Wha?... I think I've taken that picture before. ...must like my Rt. shoulder. Hmm.

Lisa K. said...

Ooh! I have that pattern, uncut. I neeeeeeed to make it. And I'm totally stealing your quilted collar idea, if you don't mind :0)

I think Simplicity patterns are 99 cents Saturday thru Monday at Jo-Anns for the Memorial Day sale.....