Sunday, May 13, 2007

Found: One Package

Vintage button swap, originally uploaded by whiterabbit21.

12 *vintage buttons (pictured here)
2 vintage spools of Belding Corticelli Mercerized cotton thread
1 hand & machine-stitched fabric box

Location: N. Vancouver, Canada

Finally, after 3-1/2 weeks of traveling through a reportedly "slow postal system," my Vintage Button Swap Deux box found itself at my swap partner's doorstep! And thankfully, too, because (1) I had already received her package, before the mailing deadline

(2) this was the first swap for each of us - we need good memories

(3) I hadn't documented my package contents, so it was nice to see them again (and prove that they actually did exist)

(4) and finally, I think the fun of anticipating and reading their swap partner's response is 1/3 of the reason people participate in these (plus 1/3 the adventure of shopping & preparing the package, & 1/3 the surprise of opening your partner's package). I almost missed out on 1/3 of the fun!

- A

* Had a nice conversation with the folks at the Emporium about what exactly qualifies as a vintage button. The answer? "It's all relative."

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