Friday, April 06, 2007

High Class

Hey, want to play?
You, yes YOU have the opportunity to be involved in making a decision that will affect Paul & I for a long time. Maybe like, more than 10 years. Here we go. Your are gonna be SO excited:

In a drawer in our kitchen, Paul & I have 4 of each of the following: floppy forks, C-shaped spoons, and mediocre butter knives. We asked for 'flatware' on our wedding registry, but alas, 6.5 years later, we're still using the (ahem, sorry P) crap that Paul had in college. Every time we have more than 2 guests over, one of us is relegated to the puny salad fork (maybe the key to the next dieting revolution?).
So... we're making a trip to the local affordable flatware store this weekend to get some. Finally. So the big question is,

"Which set should we get?"

Also, service for 8 or service for 12? We're not wild socialites, but I don't want regrets.

For matching info, I should mention that we're growing weary of our chipped/nicked/cracked china (they're Pier 1, yellow with blue flowers or something), and are looking toward getting a set of pure white, not fancy, maybe a circle, maybe square.

Happy shopping,


Anonymous said...

Shopping with someone else's money - whee!

My serious thoughts go like this --

1) Don't look at the price. You will use these for a long time - amortized across a lifetime, a $50 difference in price isn't a big deal.

2) I saw a lot of funny shapes in the spoon bowls. Be sure you want to put them in your mouth.

3) Get serving pieces, and if they come in a separate box, get two sets. One big serving spoon isn't enough. I've used two butter knives at the same event - one for butter and one for cream cheese spread.

4) Decide whether your plates will be round or square first, because I just can't see some of the designs with a square plate, and others would look funny with a square one. [Square plate + swirly flatware?]

LillieBug said...

Well, I had a hard enough time picking out our own stuff, so I am pretty much useless to you, BUT I can tell you the tragedy of my own Pier One dishes. They were beautiful and perfect and I LOVED them and they lasted almost exactly a year and a half before the chips and cracks started showing up and they got replaced. I've decided that Pier One dishes must be for those people who like to change their kitchen stuff all the time because they rank just above Lillie's toddler dishes when it comes to disposability.

Have fun shopping!

devinemom said...

well i would say 12 vs. 8 because you never know when you will need to do a Thanksgiving dinner or something. we spent way to much time deciding on ours but now love what we have....

best of luck.

chris said...

That's funny you're shopping for new silverware also. Kelly found a 12-serving set at the PX on the SeaBee base this week while taking a class. I think it's some Oneida set that was priced cheaply. Kelly says more is better than less, so I guess we'll have a new set this weekend. Paul sure is getting the dis for the college utensils. The only problem with our college silver are the missing ones that make less than a 5 service set (although Kelly could probably point out other problems). Hope you guys find some good flatware.