Thursday, April 26, 2007

Call for Volunteers

For all you PDX-ers: I'm looking for 25 subjects for my master's thesis research, "Self-efficacy and preferred exercise intensity in sedentary adults." Doesn't that sound exciting?!

You can be in my study if you are:
  • Exercising one or fewer days per week regularly (specifically, cardiovascular exercise - so if you're counting walking the dog, to qualify as cardio., your route should be up a nice incline that causes you to pant - like a dog!).
  • Male or Female
  • Age 18+
  • Not pregnant or less than 8 weeks postpartum.
  • Willing to come to the Portland State U. Ex. Physiology Lab on 2 occasions and exercise on a treadmill for 20 minutes or less, take to short questionnaires, and get body measurements (height/weight/body composition).
My bonus is that you can also request feedback based on your first treadmill workout and body measurements that helps get you motivated to work out more than 1x per week! Sound good?


LillieBug said...

OK, so my first reaction was: "But I wanna be a test subject..." [insert whiny voice here]. But then I realized that even if I weren't knocked up, I still couldn't do it because I exercise too much (who would have thought?) It is really exciting that you are getting into the home stretch now! Best of luck!

Marci said...

Crikey, I'd probably be a great test subject for you, considering my sedentary lifestyle. I think my ass has more contact with a horizontal surface than my feet do on any given day. Unfortunately, Portland is kind of far away!

Hey - how do you get your photographs in your blog header? I want to do that too!

devinemom said...

ok I have someone for you to test...remind me to email you her info.