Monday, April 09, 2007


A new ironing board!

No more breaking my back over this abomination - the "inch" squares aren't really 1", the middle is all ripply, and it's just too smushy all together. I love my new (gulp, $80) ironing board!

And we're still working on the flatware. We realized that (1) much of it looks the same, and (2) there aren't that many "service for 12" in the stores. Online shopping, baby. This was a helpful online resource.

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Anonymous said...

Chris and I looked at Bed, Bath & Beyond. They had some decent flatware, but nothing like the deal I saw on base. So next pay day I will go back and get the 12 piece Oneida set w/ serving utensils, storage drawer and steak knives. All for $99! I think you need to hold whatever set you are looking at in your hand. To me, how the forks/spoons feel are at least as important as style.