Wednesday, April 25, 2007


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So much to say....

Okay gang, expect my posts to be intermittent for a while. I have much 'ado about school and more: it's mid-term week and it's also time to buckle down and do the thesis. "Bear with me," is all I can say. School ends July 20th.

So for now I have a teeny Blog dump and some updates.

First, the results for the Button Contest are in. Thanks all who voted! There were so many great professional ones, even in "The Team" (runners up).

And, people may be talking madly about the revolution my (second) hometown is working on: The Farmer's Market Lifestyle. Now the "buy local" buzz is nothing new, but these folks are doing specifically Farmer's Market local, except for what they can grow themselves or is not offered locally (for example, there is no local toilet paper producer). Ask to join if you're interested - those Iowans are nice folk.

Last weekend Paul & I visited St. Louis to see nearly entirely everyone from 1/2 of my family (my dad's half), Paul's dad and step-mom, and our College friends -- all within <48>

Paul's parents picked us up from the airport and put us up for our first night in town. It was nice to catch up in person instead of on the phone. And the dinners they fix - grilled Ginger-Pork-Kebabs, and grilled potatoes, bacon, and green peppers (I know, sounds weird but they're awesome!).

Our friends are expecting twins any day now - she's on house arrest with a 2-year old. Can you imagine (OK, so some of you can)? Crazy that "we" used to start drinking at noon, ride bikes drunk, and slide down wooden stairs together for fun.

We were actually in town for a less-than-joyous occasion, my Grandma V's memorial. It was very nice to hear how others remember her. I hadn't known she had taught other grandchildren to crochet, and that she stored fabric scraps under her bed! I think everybody but a few family members were able to come. The last time we were all gathered at my uncle's house like last weekend was in 1985, for my cousin's wedding. They are both fond memories now. :)


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101 S. Marion Avenue said...

A clarification to the Farmers' Market Lifestyle ~

We have two grocery stores in town that are chain stores - if you're a midwesterner, you know Hy-Vee and Fareway. Off limits unless absolutely necessary. It's not that we're opposed to them - we just want to shop locally as much as we can.

We also have two small independent grocers in Washington - Brent at the Stone Mill, and Alfonso & Julia at La Tienda de la Cruz. These two stores are 'shopable', and any independent, only-one-store grocery stores are also on the list.

We plan to post our produce, menus, photos of meals, and recipes, as well as new sources of locally grown food that we discover.