Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oh yeah... Foot

Okay, so my last post began with a clean yet risqué photo of Gatsby enjoying his belly, feet in the air. Feet in the air. Then I included a short summary of Gatsby's hellacious week (2 weeks ago) that included 5 trips to the vet and 11 evenly-spaced pukes (on the carpet every time, go figure) that included the toys listed below. Sticking with the foot theme, the remainder of the post would have, in cleverly worded fashion, explained the cruel butt-kicking that I then incurred last week. I got the 'kid flu,' AKA the stomach flu Wednesday night into Friday (no, I didn't puke on the carpet - I'm well-trained).
Unfortunately, that part was missing from my last post. It was because the store-brand NyQuil started
kicking in right about the time I got to it. Earlier in the day, I had traded in my watered-down carbohydrate-electrolyte solution for some "Liquid Sleep." That morning I awoke to a sore, swollen throat and a plugged right nostril, which was giving me deja-vu. Oh, Paul's Superbowl cold! That's right, I got kicked while I was down. Why not just get the flu immediately followed by a nice little cold. Why Not?! It's a two-fer -- more is better -- the American way. I knew I shouldn't have bragged, "I haven't been sick since 2005." La-ti-da.
(I know, "Boo-hoo, hoo," "world's smallest violin," etc. This post is for entertainment purposes only - not your sympathy.)

One more thing: the PSU Wellness Fair is done - kick butt!
*The sign for it was not puke green as it appears above, but rather the near-chartreuse, similar to what you see on my sidebars.


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