Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Like Candy

I Like Candy, originally uploaded by apkoski.

I love easter candy.
5th Place: Jelly Beans!
4th Place: Chocolate-covered Marshmallow Egg/Bunny/Carrot
3rd Place: Chocolate-Covered Coconut Eggs
2nd: Mini Robin's Eggs
First: Cadbury Creme Eggs!

Note to self: don't visit the grocery store alone until after April 8.



LillieBug said...

Well, I LOVE candy! For me, Cadbury Creme Eggs come in a close second behind Snicker's Eggs (basically a small Snicker's bar in the shape of an egg.)

Great. Now I have to go to the store...

chris said...

You forgot 'Peeps'(those marshmallow birds, which by the way burn/melt quite well when doused with gasoline on a fire ant hill). Actually, I can't believe you really like all of those kinds of candy. All the sticky, gross marshmallow kinds are scary.

devinemom said...

i would have to agree with your first and second place winners. but i can only eat one cadbury egg a year before i have gotten my fix.

it is funny because the other day i came home from the store with both 1&2 and daniel was wondering why they had the candy in feb if we had to wait till april to use them.