Tuesday, February 20, 2007


New Shades, originally uploaded by apkoski.
I finished something I started - wooo! Okay, I still have to finish up the matching tea cozy, coasters, and hand towels, but I figured you'd gag if I posted all of that at once anyway.

This is an idea I got from somebody's Blog - remind me whose, if you've seen it. I finished the edges and hid the seam lines on both sides with either ribbon or bias tape. That way when it's open, it still looks pretty! It worked great except I installed the hooks uncomfortably close to the ceiling, and made the loops too small. I broke into a sweat yesterday trying open it to a triangle. Maybe small magnets would work.
Anyhoo, I'm pretty pleased with the results, which is good, since I live here and all.


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blair said...

so pretty, I love the patchwork colors. nice job!