Saturday, October 21, 2006

Watch the Birdy

If my week were to have a theme, it would definitely be birds. Three times in the last six days, I've encountered the creatures in one way or another.

First, on Monday I came home from class to a bloody, feathered mess in the kitchen. "Look what the cat d..." nevermind. I was amazed that some cat actually caught a bird! Usually they miss by about 5 yards.
I think the poor thing was already mostly dead when they brought him in, but that doesn't stop our boys. Once, in the middle of the night I found Gatsby playing with a nearly dead mouse. He'd set it up by placing the mouse behind the closet door, going back around to the other side, and then reaching around and batting at it. Gross. Anyway, back to the bird. I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen, which required a lot of suds and feather catching skillz, and went on with my week.

On Tuesday, our Boot Camp class shared Sellwood Park with a bunch of screaming crows. It was annoying and impressive all at once! On Wednesday I was reminded that that's called a murder of crows. Gross again.

Then on Friday Christina invited me over to teach me how to freezer paper stencil. I found a cute bird template at a craft web page and printed them out and took them along. This bird experience was not gross. In fact, I think I'm going to get me some more supplies and keep stenciling. Thanks for sharing, woman - you should start charging!



chris said...

That's only the first bird one of them has brought in? You should feel neglected that they don't bring you more presents. And I'll tell you what kind of bird it is...DEAD.

A&P said...

Uh, yeah, I was wondering what the house would look like if it wasn't dead. What's the blood volume of a medium-sized bird, Chris?

chris said...

Well, you'd probably have less blood and feathers if it wasn't dead (ask Kelly about the live bird that was flying around the kitchen and living room one morning). Not too sure about the blood volume, I'm not a scientist. There usually seems to be less blood left though than the bird probably has when alive.