Monday, October 16, 2006


1. I don't usually indulge in Blogging about my most favorite newly-purchased fabrics, but I guess I'm feeling exceptionally proud today. Look, look! Aren't they pretty?
Part of this collection was actually a package of coordinating fat quarters plus a few originals I added in. Don't know what will be created out of them, but it is possible that you'll be seeing them in person someday.

I can proudly say that I picked the components of little blue and green bundle myself. Someday these patterns will be in my kitchen in some form. It's edging on Country Kitch., but I'll try to pull it back to '50s Kitch, or whatever they collectively shout.

2. What should I wear with my new shoes? They're so cool and, like my friend said, not brown or black. So what does one wear with Bansai green shoes?

Apples, schmapples. The apple tasting at Portland Nursery was happening (and happenin') last weekened. There was a varietous selection outside of your typical Fuji, Delicious (an Iowa native), and Granny Smith. My favorite was the King David. It's spicy!



LillieBug said...

Oooooooh! Pretty shoes! I still have no clue what you should wear them with, but I love them. Is there a shopping trip in your future?

chris said...

You wear whatever the hell you want to with green shoes.

101 S. Marion Avenue said...

I think the original Delicious apple was a mutant sport (now there's a term!) on a tree in Missouri, south of Hannibal.
Stark Nursery is the home of the Delicious apple.