Sunday, October 08, 2006

Our Anniversary (in PG)

Paul & I had a wonderful day together yesterday. It was our sixth anniversary -- the forgotten one between the big fiver and the "seven-year itcher."
After workouts, groceries, and a stop for Peets, we spent the better part of the afternoon working in the yard, enjoying the non-precipitating weather. He spread gravel and whacked pavers for the patio. I planted squirrel-resistant Allium bulbs (in hardware fabric) and transplanted a couple things. It was so Norman Rockwell of us!
Then we cleaned up and spent the rest of the day focusing on each other. We exchanged cast-iron gifts (kitchen goods all around), enjoyed a romantic homemade dinner, went out for the most amazing dessert & champaign (not sparkling wine!), and then lounged away the last hour of the day.
It keeps getting better every year.

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