Thursday, October 05, 2006


Oh yeah, the "after" post. Actually (again), it's more like in between. I've got more on the Flickr page too.
Sitting on the patio on Monday & Tuesday morning was very satisfying -- really great to be 'pretty much done' with this monster. I'd really love a little temporary crummy table out there on which to set my coffee/books/notebook. We're looking for 2 chairs, maybe adirondaks, and a little table to comfortably contain us. I'm still thinking about the possibility of dining outdoors, since we won't get swarmed by mosquitoes here.

A neighbor came over & critiqued our work -- said he didn't like the blunt ends on the arbor beams or the square ends on the rafter end design. I think he's a house painter... so whatever, thanks guy. I think it didn't turn out too bad for our first construction project!



devinemom said...

oh i think it looks great. here is a little idea i saw this summer and thought it might look good with our patio if we only had exposed beams.

i love the look of the lanterns and umbrellas.. just an idea.

devinemom said...

oh here is the link

Marci said...

Awesome job! Too bad that guy doesn't like blunt, square ended things because that probably describes the shape of his head perfectly. Not that I would know. Congrats though - it looks great and I know that your landscaping skills will make it even more spectacular! :)

Uncle paul said...

Looks great to me. I like the pavers you used. When are you going to get to Gramma's in Paradise and get hers done?