Monday, April 24, 2006

Tell me about the time you almost got arrested...

Hey, I almost forgot my wild Wednesday from 3 weeks ago. BBC was invited to play a little role on a P-land morning show, Good Day Oregon. So a bunch of crrrazy moms and us instructors went to the Oregon Zoo @ 5:30 am to be filmed working out during the live show. We did squats, triceps, biceps, lunges, and push-ups in front of the Polar Bears, otters, Sea Lions, and Starfish (and a bunch of old people watching TV - & hopefully some moms too). It was pretty fun, but lasted forever -- I had hurry to make it to class @ PSU. I hopped on the Max light rail at the Zoo station and rode downtown to class. On the way there, I realized I'd forgotten my wallet (Uh-oh, no public transportation pass, no cash, etc.). I made it to class on time after catching a bus for the rest of the trip.
After class, it was back to the zoo to pick up my car & go home. I was tired from all that smiling, working out, and bus catching. So, guess what? After I got back on the Max, the fare checker came on board to make sure everyone had a valid fare (they use the honor system, mostly). I, of course, knew I was screwed, but decided to pretend that I had just realized that I didn't have my fare/pass with me. "Oh! I guess I forgot my wallet - so I can't show you my pass," or something like that.
Well, I was surprised that little guy didn't lead me out of the train by my collar or my ear! Standing on the sidewalk between the busy eastbound & westbound tracks, I got the 3rd degree. He was an old pro. "What's your name? How do you spell that? What's your DOB? How old are you? How do you spell your name? What's your birthday again?" Man, I'm glad I didn't have to lie about that stuff!
Anyway, since I didn't have my wallet, I didn't have an ID either. Mr. Fare Checker, who is used to people lying to him, of course, says that he's gonna have to get a police officer down there to "verify my identification." And if the officer couldn't, then I might just have to go to jail. OhmyGod!
Yeah, well, I didn't even have to cry or anything. I was so pathetically honest that he had no choice but to believe me. I got a warning ticket. I guess instead of a fine, my payback was that I had to walk up the hill back to the Zoo -- took me an hour. I counted that as my run.


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devinemom said...

great story. I can't believe you have not told that story till now. I guess it was a good hill workout. If you want to make a run to Tabor tomorrow morning I am going to make another attempt.