Sunday, April 16, 2006

Spring Break, Pt. 2

Wow, how behind we are...I guess Anne is pretty busy now that spring break is over, so I'll do a couple of postings. After Dad and Grandma left, we headed out to Sunriver for a weekend of skiing at MountBachelor. We got to hang out over the weekend with our neighbor Sarah and a few friends. We got a really nice rental house complete with a hot tub. On Friday night we got some snow which helped out the conditions on Saturday. Mt. Bachelor is much better than Mt. Hood as far as skiing goes. The snow is much drier and easier to ski on. Needless to say, Anne had a much more enjoyable time skiing than when we went to Mt. Hood. I managed not to poke any more ski poles in my face and even managed not to fall at all. No pictures for fear of breaking our camera, so you'll have to take our word that it was a great day. We finished the weekend off by going to Bend for dinner at a brew pub. Really good food and beer. What could be better?

We left Sunriver on Sunday and headed back to Portland. Sarah convinced us to make a stop at Smith Rock (a little north of Bend for a quick afternoon hike. We climbed to the top, enjoyed the amazing view of the Sisters (more of the Cascades) and headed down. I must say though that Anne gets pretty nervous any where near an edge as you can see in the picture... We even got to see a few people doing some climbing. It was a great trip. It's really amazing to see how diverse Oregon really is depending on which side of the Cascades you are on.

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