Sunday, April 16, 2006

Double D in Portland

Last Friday, we had a couple of friends from Mississippi come up for a visit. It was great to see Dan and Dominic a little over a year after we moved up North. While they were in town we hit all the major Portland sights. The first two pics were taken at Multnomah Falls (and yes, it really is that green there). We hiked a loop that was about six miles. The only downer was that we hit by a few rain showers. But hey, without the rain it would not look the way it does.

On a day where Anne had to do her school thing, Dan, Dom and myself headed out to Cannon Beach. On the way back we stopped at Saddle Mtn. and hiked on up. Its about 3 miles to the top and I think we got an elevation gain of about 1800 feet. It was pretty amazing. The views were great and despite the occasional light rain, we got some great views. The trail was not for the faint of heart though. It was slick and pretty narrow and steep in parts. Just check out the sign. I guess we are all now experienced hikers.... I really do wonder though how they get all the railing and trail material up there. There is no way they hike it all in. I'd have to say a helecopter was involved.

After all those days of hiking we usually took part in another one of Portland's offerings, brew pubs. I think we got to 3 of them, Tugboat, Rock Bottom and McMenamin's Kennedy School. Now if I can only get them back up here for the Brewers Festival. I have heard rumors that another friend from the South, Jay will be heading up this way. That's a future entry though...

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