Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring Break Report

Ew! Sorry everybody's had an extreme close-up of my face for the last 15 days. I had #32 pulled, by the way. My mouth is finally back to normal, after getting my 'stitch abscess' taken care of on Wed. (3 words you never want to hear your doctor say: "Ooooo, that's interesting.") -- but that's another story.

So I spent the first part of my Spring Break week wallowing around being a baby when Paul was around, and digging in the dirt & shopping when he wasn't. That was pretty fun.

Then on Tuesday evening Paul's Dad John & Grandma Ellen came to visit. John was on his Spring Break too, yee-haw! They drove all the way up from Paradise, CA, which is near Chico. That night we took them to the Kennedy School, and we only had to wait 30 minutes for a table. Everybody enjoyed their meal; Paul's dad got ribs. He prefers the goop on the side. I remember at Paul's graduation dinner he had ribs, and maybe a couple other times too. MY new standard is Bread Pudding, which I ended up having in lieu of my noodle dish. (the little pieces of noodle & veggies kept floating into the 'danger zone,' and I wasn't allowed to fish them out with my tongue yet. It was rough eating.) Thankfully, John let me get dessert even though I hadn't finished my dinner. It was sooo good -thanks for dinner (dessert)!
On Wednesday, we got up, hung out, and then headed over to Ellen's friend Lila's house. They've been friends for about 60 years! They talked about their families, trips they'd taken together, and Lila played one of her two grand pianos for us. She can rock & roll! Ellen treated us to lunch, and then we visited a little longer before taking off toward home. There we had another great meal (if I don't say so). Having family visit was an excellent excuse to grill a huge salmon & make one of our favorite salads (thanks Jeanette). Stuffed again. The next morning everybody took off early: Paul to work @ 5:50 & our visitors to home @ 6:30. Early birds! We had a nice time visiting, even though it was a short one.


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