Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer Preview

Pops In A Tray, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Check out "All Songs Considered" for some summer listening recommendations (now in the Archives, left sidebar).

Also, mark your calendars: come help us paint the house starting on July 14th -- or you could just have fun helping us select colors.
Pick Colors: click "Start Color Smart." We like the green family.
Paint the House: Click "Launch Color Visualizer." Ranch may be as accurate as we can get. Here's the house.

More in music: we were honored to be e-vited to a Pandora Get-together to talk about the Music Genome Project. It's next Wednesday @ 7 PM at Disjecta, 5 SE 3rd Ave (at Burnside - just off the Burnside Bridge). I think all local subscribers were invited, & it has to do with 'free' feedback, but hey, I still feel honored!


1 comment:

Felicia said...

LOL Sorry, can't help you with the painting. But I love your summer pops!