Sunday, June 10, 2007


Boy, last week sure went fast!

I finished a bag (boho or hobo? Please fill me in after I post more pix).
I warmed up my new 1" bias tape maker and love it! The thing is a luxury, but making bias tape the old fashioned way was such a pain.

THat's My Bag Baby, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Saturday Paul & I ran the Helvetia Half Marathon available here on this very cool results page. Turns out he and I about equally above average in our respective divisions. Little fish, big pond. Another (selfish) reason I miss MS. Sigh.

I'm preparing for my final final in my PSU Grad program (besides the little Thesis thing). Test is on Tuesday. Drinks are on Wednesday. ;)

Paul & I bottled another case of beer after the race Sat., 5 gallons of malty porter-like stuff. We tasted his previously bottled batch on Friday, and are absolutely loving it! It must be shared.
The Great Gatsby saga drags on, so I'm getting better at creating kitty collars (a new use for Timtex). I might be able to market them by the time this chin thing goes away.

Oh, and I made the regular Sunday Granola and tried a batch of Lime Cookies from Everybody Likes Sandwiches, a-la How about Orange. They're shortbread cookies with a lime zest/sugar topping. I also topping some with lemon frosting + zest/sugar, but they're a little too sweet.
Thanks guys -- er, girls, I think. There are bunches more food blogs and recipes links on their pages. On the topic, I must again plug the Washington Farmer's Market Lifestyle & Blog happenin' in my hometown of Washington, Iowa; for the purpose of sharing low-mileage/local, garden, organic, or simple foods and recipes, and/or sharing new sources of locally grown foods.-A

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kickpleat said...

wow, even though they may be too sweet, topping them with frosting probably makes them more awesome! they look great :)