Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dun, mostly

Hey, hey, I finally did it. Yesterday I took my last final - my final final - my grand finale final! Tonight we drink! -At our local Delta Cafe starting @ 8:00, & you're all invited.

We'llll scheeee you ther-rre!!!! Yeaaaaaaaah!
OMG, I sthated waaaaay tooooooo early -hee, hee, hee, hee. Sthupid PBR. I schould know to stayd awaysh after my dadth gafe me a sip in my tupperware cuppy when I was weee (shhhh, I don't think you're supposedth to know thhhat).

This is my first Leafletter completion. I figure I owe it to them to finish at least one, since I bitched and moaned -- I mean, provided feedback about the color palette usability. Of course I blamed it on my non-atypical short-term memory problems instead of their lackluster interface. But heck, it's a Beta program (tool, software -- what do you call those?), so I don't feel so bad. They LIKE feedback!

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