Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hooray!, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Sorry for my absence. I brought a note, forged the signature: been thesis writing. This is the 'break' week between spring and summer term, so I figured it was my chance to get stuff done while nothing is being expected of me. Next week it's back to analyzing data. Anyone know how to do a linear regression?

In the mean time, production of anything creative has all but ground to a halt. I have managed to make a couple baby gift sets, and do a few utilitarian tasks such as hemming jeans and altering a skirt.

Hey, think anybody would be interested in a tutorial on how to hem jeans without making them look hemmed & dorky? If I find time, I may put one together - the www. is virtual (or is it 'virtually') free information, after all! This is the enticing "before" photo.


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